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We know you probably have questions.

We sell a unique product. So unique, that most people are overflowing with questions for us.

And we love to talk to you about the staffs, your experiences, what you like, don’t like, and pretty much everything! We love our community.

However, there’s some questions that just seem to always come up! So we decided to make this nice web page to answer many of those questions.

Surprisingly, we are not… well Davis has a penchant to rock a unicorn onesie, but making wizard staffs is our first foray deep into the LARP/cosplay world. We are actually medical device engineers who are trained in Human Centered Design and the needs finding process.

What that means is we love finding out what people really need and using our skills in science and engineering to meet those needs. Our team has worked on projects to meet the needs of neurosurgeons, craft brewers, and giant turtles. When we initially engaged with the LARP community, we heard a really interesting need, “there are no wizard staffs that actually do wizard things.” So, we set out meet that need and created The Chaos Staff and The Fog Staff. 

As dangerous as a 3 foot open flame ignited by a 30,000 volt arc. Generally speaking, the staff is a giant Bic lighter ignited with a Taser. It will burn things and if you do get shocked you won’t want to be shocked again. Use caution.

Only if you touch the arc wires. There is a safety on/off power switch to prevent accidental discharge.

It depends on how much you use it! Typically, for a full day event we use between 1-3 butane canisters. The flame works best in 10 second bursts 10 seconds apart.

Again, it depends how much you use it! We’ve had the battery last months.

It is faux wood. We make the wood effect by hand etching the grain into furniture grade PVC and then staining the grain. We looked at using real wood but need the shaft to be hollow to hold the electronics.

The flame is fueled by a 2.1oz butane canister. These are smaller than standard butane canisters but they can easily be ordered online. Here is an example: 

Simply unscrew the canister holder at the bottom of the staff, remove the old canister, insert the new canister, and screw the canister holder back together.

See the video below for a visual demonstration. 

The 9 volt battery is located in the head of the staff. There are four screws that can be easily removed with an allen tool (included).

We designed the staff to come apart in two pieces to make it easy to transport.

The collar in the middle of the staff has four screws that can be removed with the included allen tool. The shafts are then separated. The copper tube that carries the butane from the bottom of the staff to the top can then be unscrewed. Simply reverse this process to re-assemble the staff.

There will be a guide shipped with each staff that details this process.

The majority of the components are 3D printed. The shaft is furniture grade PVC, the horns are solid aluminum, and the electronics are… well made up of a bunch of stuff.

We spent a lot of time engineering the staff to resist bending, breaking, scuffing, and scratching. Of course, if you try you can break it.

Let us know if it breaks and we will see if we can get you a new part.

How to operate the chaos staff

Still have questions? Contact us below.