The supreme director of marketing operations (I’ll never have a cooler title)

 Here’s the story of how I got involved with Magic Wizard Staff.



“Hey dude, I’ve been working on this project with my buddy Brian for awhile now.
…we’re making Wizard Staffs.”


Wizard Staffs? Why Wizard Staffs?”

Why not Wizard Staffs?” Steve said as I took another sip of beer. Knowing him, this google hangout vchat was about to go somewhere interesting, and I was about to get pulled into it.

“So you’re making Wizard Staffs… with what in mind?”
“Well, we’ve been making these sick staffs lately that can shoot fire, launch vortex air rings, shoot smoke… it’s all coming together and the tests are going great. I’ve got some early voice of customer feedback, and people are actually pretty interested! So Brian and I are looking at actually putting together finished prototypes and seeing if we can get some support, and if the support is there we’ll move on to a production run and actually sell these things!”


“That is so godddamn cool.” I said with a huge grin on my face. I’ve known Steve a long time and always been a little envious of the fun things he does in engineering. I’ve been focused on the path into new product development for awhile and looking to use my business management degree and minor in marketing to break into R&D work. The thought of designing, 3D printing, and machine parts all day, especially to make wizards staffs that do wizard shit, was my dream come true.

“So…” he continued “You think you could do some graphic design work for us? If you’re out in Vegas you can still do a lot to help, and I definitely think you could make some sick graphics for us. Plus I think we’ll be shooting a video for kickstarter at some point, and we could use some help with that. Oh, hang on a sec.”

My first work for MWS
Erik Stroman

Steve hopped up to run off camera. I’m sure he was refilling his glass of whiskey, I was starting to notice it running low on his end over there in Minneapolis.
He came running back with a full glass and a big shit eating grin on his face after a minute.
I’d already made my decision 58 seconds ago.

“Hell yeah dude I’ve got the time to help, and once it hits 110 degrees here I don’t really go outside, so I might as well. What do you need first??”
“Well, you can start with a logo. We’re gonna need something badass to slap up on our website and Facebook page, maybe 3D laser engrave onto the staffs, that sort of stuff.”


Rejected logo ideas
Erik Stroman

               I was right.

Just like that I was completely pulled into it,
and ready to flex my creative muscle.


Although I’m only twenty five years old, I have ten years of Photoshop, Premier, After Effects, and Dreamweaver experience, I built my first website when I was twelve writing HTML and CSS sheets from scratch on Windows 98, and I’d spent more than my fair share of time behind a camera. Add to that my love of building and creating (I learn a new technique every year to build a halloween costume from scratch – operational 150 LED lightsaber and handstiched sith costume one year, foam moulding a set of Thors armor another, etc), my desire to learn more about lean startups, and the fact they’re freaking wizard staffs, and I was ready to dive into this project headfirst.

Since that video chat in April I’ve moved back to Minnesota and been active as a contributor to the Magic Wizard Staff team, creating our logo, handling the aesthetics of our staffs, shooting and editing our promotional pictures and video, helping with social media, and spreading the good word of Magic Wizard Staff. As the supreme director of marketing operations (I’ll never have a cooler title) I get to have a blast doing what I love, and I can only hope this eventually takes off so I can focus full-time on the company and it’s goal of making badass wizard staffs that actually do wizard stuff.

If you’d like to reach me you can connect with me on our Facebook page at or by email at
I’m available most days to bounce ideas off of or answer questions!

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