The Plan: How to start your own business, make $1,000,000 a day, get 6-pack abs, and achieve god-like powers

The Plan

So this is the boring part of making a wizard staff, but Steve and I are true engineering nerds because we love process. Steve loves process more than I do, like a lot… like get a room. How do you make a Magic Wizard Staff as a product and potentially as sustainable business? Well, it is just like any other business.

  1. First validate that there is an actual need. Do people even want or care about what you are making? Do this just by talking to people without investing much time or money.
  2. Second make a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Something that captures the essence of your idea to gauge if people are interested in your solution to your need.
    A critical point here is are people willing to pay for it.
  3. Finally, if enough people are willing to pay for the product then you can invest enough resources to make a sustainable business.

This is how we outlined the process for the Magic Wizard Staff:

  1. Go online and talk to people on forums, reddit, and facebook groups. Are people interested in wizard staffs at all? Would they want a wizard staff that can actually do wizard shit? If so what features would they be interested in?
  2. Build an MVP showing the features we can include in a wizard staff that can do wizard shit.
  3. Make a video to show the features to people and make a website to gauge people’s interest. We will show people by posting the video to facebook, forums, and doing facebook video ads. Interest is measured by getting 1000 emails.
  4. If we get enough interest then we will launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money to make an advanced prototype that can be manufactured. We will make sure to get a lot of user feedback when developing the advanced prototype.
  5. With an advanced prototype we will get pre-sales to finance manufacturing the final product.

Of course at each step we will kill the project if there is a lack of customer interest. In entrepreneurship you always need to be able to “kill your darlings.”

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