It all started in the backyard

How it began

Hi Brian here. The whole idea for Magic Wizard Staff started the Halloween of 2016 when I decided to make a cheese puff shooting, fog creating, and flame throwing wizard staff to entertain the neighborhood trick or treaters. The wizard staff was a hit but obviously had its limitations. Mostly it ended up looking more like an RPG than a wizard staff.

Several months past and I was chatting with my good friend Steve Clark’s Third Law, “Any sufficiently advanced technology appears to be magic.” We were musing that we have all this cool technology that it would be fun to use engineering and science to make something magical just for the sake of making something ridiculously awesome. I then showed Steve my wizard staff (come on keep your mind out of the gutter), and Steve died laughing.

Of course it would be fun to build a magical wizard staff, and with Steve’s engineering expertise it would no doubt be completely awesome. Unfortunately, we were both crazy busy with their day jobs being a Post Doc and a PhD student. Luckily though, their day jobs were studying product development and innovation, with Steve working on hydraulic robots and Brian working on developing new medical devices. They both wanted to learn more about crowdfunding and developing a consumer product, so they figured “hey, let’s up the ante, and let’s see if we can develop an actual product that is cool enough to get crowdfunding.”

Thus, idea for a wizard staff that can actually do wizard shit what born. They did develop a few rules though in making this project.

The Rules

  1. The product would have to be ridiculously awesome
  2. As soon as the project wasn’t fun we would kill it
  3. We would use the principles of Human Centered Design and Lean Start Up in creating the product. (So if there wasn’t interest early on we would kill it).
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